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HVDC Refire Card Tester


Data Back PCB Card Tester


And FPGA technology microprocessor (AVR) is applied by the test apparatus to check the Data Back Card normal operation of the Korea Electric Power

Regardless of the location successful downsizing, it allows the use, and easy operation based on Visual Programming

Can be stored with the output of the data of the input and output signal, it has facilitated scalability and future upgrades.




VBE Data-Back card Diagram





The Data Back Card under the same conditions as in the field as Data Back PCB Card (DBC) test equipment of the Korea Electric Power KPS Hainan Branch

Set the output condition, by input and output signal values ​​of the entire creation DBC card of any digital value on a computer

To test whether the normal operation of the DBC, which is programmed standalone test apparatus.


Has a built-in self-test program, it is possible to test the abnormal presence or absence of the equipment by exchanging the input and output signal

The value of the mass production of the data signal to save, compare, you configure the program to be able to take full advantage of the efficiency of the examination and test equipment.


Thereby enabling verify visually abnormal giving sequential and simultaneous signals to the respective LED (lamp) of the Data Back Card

Without mechanically abnormality, even failure LED light obscured Furyoso be possible points deal is characteristic of this device.


It is readily designed and manufactured mobility in compact equipment to be able to print the final results of the Data Back Card than

Thus, it became possible to test the operation of the Data Back Card in minimal place within a short time.