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HVDC DVTE(Digital Valve Test Equipment)


DVTE (Digital Valve Test Equipment)





DVTE Operation Site(KPECO Hae-nam Branch)




Domestic production development of HVDC thyristor inspection equipment.





To develop the existing equipment that has been used manually as automatic inspection apparatus of the PC-based





Processing speed, size, mobility, accuracy, digital products that significantly improve the performance such as data analysis.






▪  every May Hae-nam, in Je-ju Island are using a VTE (Valve Test Equipment) equipment for the inspection of the HVDC control system to implement the Overhaul.
   The apparatus, in relation to the results of the test data to foreign Alstom company imported goods are displayed in the analog display device (LEDs), which again users one by one

   Etc. shall be recorded the results of manual has emerged a problem of such mistake by inefficiencies visible determination of work, aging of the apparatus, the parts

   Discontinued the supply of late, has brought a complaint with the measurement and conversion plant maintenance and operation by the diagnosis of the complaints of the control device situation occurs, such as A/S are not allowed.

   In the case of Jeju of office equipment, causing a system error of use long time

▪  Further, since the reduction and inspection time of the work efficiency due to manual operation during the test for each item and disadvantages such, it is not tracking queries and recording,

   Using the PC, and save it turned into DATA BASE of automatic operation and the measurement result, the degree of deterioration of peripheral parts manufactured in precision grade that can be output is
   As can be seen, the price was necessary to develop to about 50% of than conventional products.


▪  Domestic production of ▪VTE device, improvement of reliability and secure power supply capacity to the axis in charge of maintenance and maintenance of the power system interconnection equipment,

   It was supposed to be developed in contributing purpose to high reliability of the conversion device behavior.



 2009.07 Cooperation research and development of KEPCO
 2011.04  Submission of development completion report
 2012.11 Usability of evaluation results re-examination and complementary matter request
 2013.02 Completion of usability evaluation test finished the improvement and official certification testing of complementary matters
 2013.09 during the exchange fits with the spirit of the development KEPCO and consultation in

 2015.12 HVDC thyristor valve inspection apparatus two (Hae-nam, Jeju governor) delivery











DVTE PC Program Main Screen





DVTE PC Program R,Z,C / IP Setting Screen




DVTE PC Program Set Voltage Screen




DVTE Test Report



[ Effect of exchange ]

▪ eliminate the repair and purchase inability of the problem of failure due to product manufacturing discontinuation of the production company
▪ product lifetime exchange troubleshooting of products according to the (digital components) cycle 15 years coming
▪ reduction of product prices in the domestic development
▪ without support for the production company to domestic production development can be operated alone itself of KEPCO
▪ possible failure preventive measures in the pre-check, Jeju blackout accident prevention
▪ Images stock of ▪ of KEPCO and the country by foreign orders technology
(Canada, France, India, Brazil, in overseas orders progress, such as Uruguay)
▪ without support for the production company, the first of the converter station, ensuring KEPCO own operating possible technical force
▪ the effect of reducing the power outage time quickly products to domestic production development in cooperation with small and medium-sized companies in the supply and A/S
GATE UNIT test is, of course fully digitized in cooperation with research and development of ▪DVTE test equipment KEPCO,
  Characteristic change of the product has also been developed so as to be able to track (50% of the low price compared to ALSTOM Analog manual products)