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ESD GENERATOR AS305(4KV) / AS306(6KV) / AS308(8KV)




AS305 is, the ESD test control module
In the testing of electronic equipment, it is possible to simulate an electrostatic discharge pulse.

AS305 is, ESD STM5.1-2001-Human Body Model and STM5.2-1999 Machine Model. It offers both ESD.
It also provides a user-friendly software program.
When these wafer test, you can specify ESD model, the polarity of the ESD pulse sequence, such as ESD pulse interval.
AS305 contains the control module and pulse output Relay-Box.
And a high-voltage power supply, constitute a pulse forming circuit, please refer to the standard of MIL-STD-750E.



[ Features ]

☑ Model ESD Pulse Generation: Human body model Machine body(option)

☑ Programmable Test: Pulse delay, cycle and polarity are programmable

☑ Resolution:10V per-step for Machine model, 50V per-step for Human body

☑ Up to 4000V=(ESD305) 6000V=(ESD306) 8000V=(ESD308)

☑ Pulse Interval: 20 ms to More then (User definable)

☑ Pulse Repetition Single or multiple

☑ Pulse Polarity Positive or negative (software control)

☑ AC Input 100 to 240V, 47 to 63 Hz

☑ Relay detector for short and open  of  (HB 1000V to 4KV 6KV 8KV)

☑ Indicator for LED Output Voltage

☑ PC control Ether net (TCP/IP)

☑ Up date voltage value for PC step by step (real time)

☑ SET-UP Front panel  in LCD Parameter

☑ Dimensions 434.6mm(W) x 97.7mm(H) x 306.8mm(D)

☑ Weight 4.7kg




특화 기능도





측정 기능도





HB(Human Body) 모델





MB(Machine Body) 모델





방전 타임 차트





HB(Human Body), MB(Machine Body) 모델 웨이브폼