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HVDC Thyristor gate unit



HVDC Thyristor Gate Unit Assembly

[ Functions ]
  • Valve firing • Forward recovery protection (tq timer) • Forward recovery protection( dv /dt firing)
  • Forward/reverse overvoltage protection • Damping resistor protection   • MOV function • Ti valve calibration
  • Databack transmission information : Thyristor healthy, Thyristor conducting, BOD fired, Supply charged/depleted

[ Composition ]
• Thyristor Gating Unit(TGU) • BreakOver Diode(BOD) • Gate Box Back Plane • dv/dt detecting CT   • Thyristor Gating Unit(TGU) • BreakOver Diode(BOD)
  • Gate Box Back Plane • dv/dt detecting CT

[ Performance ]
 •Accurate signal transmission, Fast measurements and perform protective functions

 •Securing compact, reliable and resistant interface (FPGA uses)

 •Self-generated power control • Thyristor Level measurements (voltage, dv / dt)
[ Interface ]
 • Input: via the Optical Fiber Received from the VBE Valve Fire Command Start / Stop Code

 • Output: Gate Fire Signal; Information sent to the Data Back receivers (Sync, Conduct, BOD, Power Healthy)




한국전력 해남<>제주간 HVDC Transmission Diagram




[ Korea's first HVDC transmission ]

HaeNam-JeJu Island HVDC transmission is connected to a HVDC submarine cable 101km distance. The transmission power of up to 300MW of two 180KV lines monopolar operation projects in 1997.



Fully compatible with the products of Alstom



                               PCB-1561                                  PCB-1562                              PCB-1801


[ Development process ]
 • Completion of Jeju-Haenam HVDC transmission project by Alsthom in 1997

 • Failure by aging, due to the antiquation. But the products is no longer manufactured

 • Development and production, in 2007 by A SYSTEM Corp.

 • 2008 SMBA new technology development projects completed conditional purchase
[ Development Result ]
 • Utilizing FPGA / VHDL logic implementation technology control

 • Development of Thyristor Gating Unit (PCB 1561) and Breakover Diode (PCB 1801) and Back Plane (PCB 1562) consisting of a control unit complete

 • Alstom four PCB 1561, PCB 1562, PCB 1801 and fully compatible

 • 2008 is now supplied to Korea Electric Power Corporation during normal operation in Jeju and Haenam transmission cow