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Hello. In this way, through the Internet, to have met with you, is a very exciting happy.

A-SYSTEM, since its inception in 1989, as R & D specialist companies of industrial automation control and computer application equipment field until now, new with electronic, the pride and the pride that has been the axis in charge of the development of automation equipment industry It is a company that has focused on the development and commercialization of technology.

We remain as party leader in digital convergence breaking new ground by challenging spirit and creativity befitting the times and develop computer applications and automated machine control applications.

We also said forefront the needs of the market, in product development and customer satisfaction with the best quality and functionality Sanya criteria of every business flowerbed stand by you always one step ahead of the service going.

With all your whole body of force and trying to make a more perfect product, we would like to thank to lower the head to everyone who have watched waiting for the day-to-day stood the night.

It has grown into "A-SYSTEM in the world", "company to create a beautiful world", as a "company to fulfill its corporate social responsibility," "respected companies", always be with you.

Also ask the encouragement and sustained interest in the future. Thank you very much.