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LED Safety Signal Light


The LED safety signal for the system is available for use in roads, tunnels, parks, and indoor and outdoor parking spaces.

Long distance synchronization makes it possible for poets to perform beautiful lighting and produce beautiful lighting.

Remote control and monitoring of remote and international networks are possible via LTE networks

Additional emergency call button input functions can be added to roads or walkways or tunnels

It is instantly recognizable from the location where the installed position (iOT) is located.

Various lighting fixtures can be set and the existing patterns can be used.

Attach sensors such as school zones to detect when the vehicle is passing by,

and various lighting can be produced, including the flashing of the vehicle.






☑ Actuating power : DC 15V~30V Input available
    (Consumption electric current : Main 50mA / 8 LED 230mA / 4 LED 90mA)

☑ Combinations of red, green, blue LEDs combine to produce different colors

☑ Sequential lighting, Cross lighting function

☑ Continuous illumination on each color star or intermittent lighting, sequential lighting (setup)

☑ Provides a user-friendly main control controller and window program

☑ Switching time and color can be changed.

☑ In the main, remote control LED modules can be controlled separately from each other

☑ Remote monitoring and monitoring of telecommunication modules (OPTION)

☑ Drive module quantity : 512EA(Further expansion can be made)

☑ Repeater function enables control of dozens of kilometers

    Easy to use for long distance tunnels

☑ Standards 434.6mm(W) x 97.7mm(H) x 306.8mm(D) Weight 00GramKG

☑ Built-in (TCP / IP) port for PC control (OPTION)

☑ With the main LCD display and switches, you can set various parameters without PC


☑ Special operation function when input external sensor signal input

☑ Individual ID settings and changes