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[ Address ]

3F, 84, Gaebong-ro 3-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

[ Public Transport ]

Gaebong Station No.1 exit > Guro03 Town Bus > Terminal GaeBong Han-jin Apartment quit > Young-shin mart left SooPaulLim Hakwon Building 3F

[ Own Car ]

Seo-bu-gahn-sun Road > ORyu I.C > Kyoung-in Road Gae-bong Intersection, at Kwang-myeoung Turn Left > Gae-bong overpass SK Daewon Oil station at Turn right > Straight left Gae-bong Han-jin apartment Across SooPaulLim Hakwon Building 3F

[ Parking ]

Parking in the garage Building 1F stationery store side / Street parking in front of the building ban(In an unattended camera enforcement)