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Research Areas

High-voltage DC power transmission

High-voltage DC power transmission technology is used to power the transmission of the remote location via the aerial and submarine cable.

This technique is capable of system interconnection compared to AC transmission, it is possible to construct a power grid to connect the separated power.


The advantage is, low power loss, asynchronous connection, reduce the investment cost of the entire long-distance underwater crossing, less the same AC voltage ratio

Use space occupied, the earth as a regression conductor, decrease of radio wave interference, charging current, skin effect, the flow of no reactance limit power

Is a friendly power transmission scheme for control is possible environment.

The disadvantage is, AC conversion harmonic generation, cost is large impossible is Point-to-point transfer of terminating equipment.

Voltage conversion, block, which is a key area that requires research and development of technology for the high cost can be a solves such.



Solar power

Research and development of renewable energy: research and development of the future of the energy source for the beginning and sustainable energy supply system of solar power generation

Solar Power: by converting light energy of the photovoltaic power generation technology to produce electricity